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Auto Repair Articles

Car Maintenance 101

After your home, your car is likely one of the largest investments you have. You depend on your vehicle for safe and convenient transportation. Few believe it to be a disposable commodity, yet the lack of maintenance on many vehicles suggests just that. With a little knowledge and planning, you can manage your car care
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5 Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Preventive maintenance can keep your auto running longer. Don’t run on fumesAvoid letting your gas tank fall to less than a quarter full. The reason? Most electric gas pumps are inside the gas tank and stay cool by being surrounded by gasoline. If the pump isn’t submerged, it can get hot, which can shorten its
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On The Level – Truck Leveling FAQ

It used to be cool to have a rake. It still is in some circles, but not with 4x4s — especially on the West Coast where the prerunner look is still popular in some areas. As a result, the hottest truck suspension component these days is the leveling lift designed to lift the front end
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