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Quality Auto Repair in Waxahachie Texas

Quality. To some, the word is synonymous with expense. To us, quality balances with piece of mind. When your vehicle is repaired, the last thing you need to wonder about is whether or not your vehicle was repaired properly. You wouldn’t sleep well at night in a house with poor electrical work or a leaking roof. You want to rest knowing that things will work as designed and provide years of service.

When you think of quality automotive service, you might think that the dealership is the only option for your vehicle. Fortunately for dealers, this mentality is what keeps dealership service in business, allows them to charge any amount, and provide customer service that is robotic and often pressured.

OEM Parts

Your vehicle has been built with precision and engineered to the highest standards for quality, longevity, and strength. The only way those factors can be maintained is to use Original Equipment (OE) parts when repairing and maintaining your vehicle.

When it comes to parts, factory original parts are the only way to properly maintenance or repair your vehicle. Using original equipment (OE) parts allows us to stand behind our repairs. OE parts also require manufacturers to stand behind their parts. When everyone is confident in their product, quality service results.

Most automotive parts from an aftermarket store or internet supplier do not meet OE standards. This means no support, no complete warranty, and no concern for the well being of the customer or their vehicle. Would you rather trust automotive replacement parts that were meticulously researched, designed, and constructed with your vehicle’s longevity and integrity in mind? Or parts that were copied, reversed engineered, and packaged at a discount price? The saying: “You get what you pay for” runs deep in the automotive parts industry.

Most quick-service oil change places are able to provide that ‘budget’ price by installing generic oil brands and inferior filtration products.

Us vs Them

When you purchased your vehicle you made a choice. Maybe you chose your vehicle to be family cruiser. Maybe you bought a truck with the intent of getting work done. Or perhaps that sports car is just what you needed to get where you need to go in style. When you need to have maintenance done to your pride and joy, you also have a choice.

You spent the money for a quality vehicle, why would you take your vehicle to a ‘discount’ oil change place? Most quick-service oil change places employee people who carry a minimum amount of knowledge and experience. They are quickly trained, seldom tested, and are single-handedly responsible for making sure your vehicle survives. Would you trust a first-year, part time, medical student to operate on you? Of course not. You’d want the best. Even for routine work. And especially for a major operation.

You care about your car. Maybe you meticulously clean it very weekend. You talk to it when you’ve had a long day. Or maybe you paid extra for the upgraded sound system or bigger tires. Why would you trust your mighty steed, equipped with cutting edge technology, to a shop that has no abilities beyond basic service to do repairs and maintenance. The same vehicle that you trust to start every morning, get you to and from work, and allow you to travel through traffic at highway speeds. The same vehicle that you picked out from hundreds of choices and pay hard-earned money to keep in your garage. Maybe the local ‘Greasy-Wrench Garage’ is convenient, maybe it’s close to home. Maybe you can do some shopping while you wait. But have you ever wondered if there’s a difference? It’s just an oil change, right? What can go wrong?

At Frisbee Automotive, we believe in ‘factory fresh’ maintenance and repair. We also believe that this should be something you as a vehicle owner should require from any repair facility. ‘Factory Fresh’ is a simple phrase used to describe any service that returns your vehicle back to the quality is was designed and assembled with on day one. The easiest way for your vehicle to retain ‘Factory Fresh’ operation is for your service facility to install factory Original Equipment (OE) parts. This also includes a facility that employs professional technicians who are educated and trained in the areas in which your vehicle is being serviced. Our technicians that have each gone the extra mile and carry multiple, industry recognized, ASE certifications.

If you are searching for a place that you can be a guest who is treated with respect and be assured that your vehicle will be repaired right the first time, we hope that you’ll stop by and see what we can do for you.

If your vehicle happens to need more repairs than financially possible, we’ll talk things through and categorize which repairs are critical and which items can wait until a future visit. Communication is key. Or maybe your vehicle requires repairs that exceed its value, we will explain best and worst case scenarios.